Quotes from teachers using the materials:
"The materials are very interesting because they give maths and physics teachers many ideas how to make the curriculum fun!"
"Both for beginning and experienced teachers these books are a good source of interesting examples."
"Lessons compiled with the help of these publications will certainly be very interesting for the pupils."
"This is finally something that is useful for both the maths and science teachers."
"There are many interesting and inspiring ideas - I like it!"
"So many different and motivating teaching methods! I only knew half of them before."
"Very good - not the usual textbook stuff!"
"This [Glossary of Terms] is the only comprehensive list of teaching methods that I know."
"Very good variety of topics."
"I really liked the idea of sorting them [Unit Descriptors] according to topics. This makes it easier to find what I need."
"Seeing the books I thought 'oh no, not another maths-science-mix, they are all the same, no maths and all science, or no science and all maths' - boy, was I wrong! Very good and balanced materials."
"This [Lesson Plans] is in a format that I can use in my own teaching."
"I actually tried that [material 'Move it - DGS in optics'] out, and it really helped kids understand."


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